About Youth Tree

Youth Tree began in 2009 in Perth, Western Australia. We are currently an unincorporated dis-organisation, but that is all changing.

Volunteer staff positions are now open at Youth Tree. Click here to apply 

Our mission is to use creativity and fun to involve more young people in volunteering.

Our vision is a world where volunteering  is as mainstream as cheeseburgers and breathing. 

We are:

  • Volunteers aged 14-30 (but we're not that into age limits)
  • Loving and creative
  • Passionate about meaningfully involving young people in their local and global communities
  • Interested in the solution rather than the problem
  • Always willing to get our hands dirty
  • Committed to building our capacity for stupidity in serious situations like award ceremonies and board meetings
  • Passionate about creative collaboration with a diverse range of young people
  • Committed to sustainability and self-improvement
  • Non-religious, not-for-profit, non-political, non-sense, non sequitur

We work to achieve our mission by:
  • Bringing young people and NGOs together through our Big Help Mob and TEDxPerth events in a fun and social setting
  • Sharing ideas, stimulating discussion about important local and global issues and promoting local volunteering opportunities through our monthly TEDxPerth events
  • Working with local NGOs to make volunteering accessible and fun for young people while helping those NGOs achieve their own missions
  • Championing community-involvement to young people
  • Actively advocating for a youth space in Perth that will provide support to other, current or future youth organisations

Our concrete aims over 2010 are:

  • To involve 100 young people per month in dialogue and commitment to action on important global issues through TEDxPerth, an inspiring monthly speech and discussion evening
  • To directly involve a further 100 young people at any one time in practical and fun volunteering through Big Help Mob; a rent-a-crowd of youth from diverse backgrounds who give local causes and communities one off boosts of people power
  • To use our enormous tree sculpture to run meaningful, engaging workshops with young people, corporations and not-for-profits that encourage commitment to active citizenship and reflection on their role as agents of positive change
  • To better promote and champion avenues for community-involvement to thousands of young people who have never volunteered before through online media

Youth Tree's volunteer staff are:

In the Youth Tree Hall of Fame are the volunteers who helped create our launch event in January 2009:
  • Aaron Boase - Manpoints Extraordinare
  • Tim Kenworthy - Sort-of-Managing-Director-Person
  • Lauren Davis - Energy Queen
  • Cassie Dewar - Promo Goddess
  • Sejla Perviz - Organiser Empress
  • James Russell - Film Doer Guy
  • Andrew Van Dam - Spark-dog Bonanza
  • Emma Clowes - Graphical Guru
  • Olimpia Oshyiana Cecora - Happiness Management Office


Contact by ze Carrier pidgeonz

For all enquiries contact Youth Tree by carrier pigeon and/or smoke signal here:



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